Tin Can Assignment: Can Chimes



My teacher defined the assignment to use during class. She stated that we must sell a tin can. The can had to be empty, and we were not allowed to put anything in it. Was could only add things to the outside or sell the extras as things on the side. It was very intriguing when she was discussing it with us. The restrictions were going to make it very difficult.



During the discover phase we were asked to come up with twelve different ideas concepts on how to sell a tine can. I researched different do it yourself ideas online and there were come pretty neat ones. My friend Rachael and I discovered the wind chimes idea. At first I thought it wouldn’t be a good enough ideas but as we started talking about it, I realized it was actually perfect for this assignment.


First I had my target audience was home owners so I designed my can with very plan colors on Adobe Illustrator.



During my refine phase it dawned on me that my target audience was a little broad. I then changed it to kids, starting from scratch. I added bright colors and fun sayings on the back of the can.



On the final day my can was due, I printed my label and then taped it to my can. We passed all the cans around and everyone got a good giggle out of my rhyme on my can. Over all i think my second label was very successful.


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