Make It Work Assignment: Sweet Treats



My teacher introduced this assignment to us in a really interesting way. She had us think of our favorite place to eat or to hang out and then she had us write words to describe this special place. Once we had a bunch of words written down she had us choose two words that did not really relate to each other. My two words were latte and winter because my favorite place is a coffee shop. After we all had our words she explained that we were going to be doing a logo incorporating these two words.



During the discover phase we were asked to come up with thirty consecutive sketches for our logo. I did some research on current trending logos that have coffee cups incorporated into it. My teacher told us to try and stay away from those so I wanted to make sure my sketches didn’t look like those in any way.



At first I really liked how the coffee mug looked from a top angle but I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it too. So I kept playing with it as I went through the design phase. And as we started to add type it started to really play with how my logo looked.




During the refine phase we were asked to pick six different typefaces and then choose the one we liked the best. After we picked one we had to play with the spacing between the letters and the placement of everything.



After I played around with my type forever, I finally settled on one type and one placement and one logo that I think portrays my two words very strongly. I would put my logo on my coffee shops window or napkins or on my sign. I was very happy with the outcome of my final design.



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