Work In Progress: week one

This is my first work in progress post. The project I’ve been working on is for Illustration II. We are doing three illustrations of a personal ad that we found on the internet. The ad I found on craigslist is from a man who is obsessed with butts. He was asking if as girl could wear tights or yoga pants and let him follow them around. It is hilarious every time I read it and illustrating it has been harder than I thought.

The first thing I had to do for this assignment is pick out three different personal ads and then come up with three different ideas for each of them. One of the ads was about a married man looking for the company of a married woman. The other one was about a good looking man looking for a good looking, fun woman.


It took a while to do the sketches. After I was done, Alexi and I sat down and talked about the ones we thought were the strongest. We decided on the ad about the guy who is obsessed with butts. Once we decided about which ad to do, then I had to decide how to organize the three sequence.

So I mapped out what I was going to do for my final.

I got the first and the last one done but I couldn’t think of what to do for the second one.


I am still trying to work out how I am going to do the second panel. But I decided that I am going to do this assignment in ink and watercolor. I am still a little shaky with pen and ink so I am going to try and explore it.

Hopefully I’ll have more done by Saturday so I can post more pictures of it. 🙂



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