REVISED: Farmers Market Posters


This assignment for Visual Communications was to create an advertisement for a farmers market that is going to take place over the summer. My first attempt for this assignment was not as successful as I wanted it to be so I reworked the entire thing. I went to the store and bought some produce to play with. I took black gouache and watered it down quite a bit, and then cutting the vegetables in half I rubbed them in the paint and stamped them on a white piece of paper. I went through about three dozen sheets of paper until I came up with a solution. After I did my stamping, I scanned them all into photoshop and played with the designs and the textures. I decided to go with some bright colors on a muted background to add a little contrast. I am very pleased with how these turned out.


This one was for the families. I tried to make it as fun as I could. I incorporated the arts and crafts and yummy snacks to grab the attention of the kids. I would hang it up in local children shops and give it out to the YMCA and the local elementary schools for the kids to bring home and give to their parents.


This is for the vendors who are going to work for the Market and sell their stuff there. I incorporated the grow and vend or create and sell to target the vendors who sell produce and also the ones who make handmade crafts. I made it a poster so that I could give it out to the local farmers markets to see if any vendors there are interested.


This one is for the workers of Wilmington. I incorporated the grab and go or stay and browse because a lot of the works in Wilmington are going to go to the market on their lunch break. This would be a poster that I would hand out to the front desk of some of the banks in the area and even some of the stores for employees.


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