Hi, my name is Madeline Davis, but no ones called me that since the second grade. I go by Maddy now and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. But if I had to be known for something, I think I’d like to be known as the girl who lived her life to the fullest, doing the things I love most and art is something I’ve always loved. I chose illustration because I do not want to end up being a teacher, I do not have the patience for it and if I had stayed in fines arts I would probably have ended up there. I chose illustration because it is so broad in what you can do with it, and being confined in something had never really been my thing. My dream job would be either children book illustration or something where I could travel around the world, learning new cultures and illustrations their lives. But we will see where I end up. In one year I would love to be at Ringling Collage of Art and Design, striving to achieve my BFA in illustration. I would love to have a little place of my own, with the beach in walking distance. I need to keep my grades and tip-top shape these next two semesters so I can reach that goal for next year. I want to learn as much as possible so that I can push towards my goals in the nearby future.


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