Museum Book

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While doing this assignment my teacher had us pick three different topics and the one we were most excited about was our topic. I picked coffee around the world because I just recently just got back from Spain and I was exposed to so many different types of coffee drinks.

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During the discover phase I had to try to figure out how I was going to do this design wise. I have never done a book before so this was an entirely new experience for me.

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I had to research a bunch of layouts to try to figure out my design. It took me a couple of tries but in the end I decided to try to bring the flavor of the countries. After that was done I had to come up with a ticket, poster, t-shirt, and wildcard idea for my museum.

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When I was refining this I met with my teacher and we went over a bunch of different design elements that would help make my overall presentation look better. And the cover, back cover, and inner covers were scans from the actual passport.

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After all the layout was done I had my book printed about three different times until I got it right. Once it was printed then I had to bound it. I sewed all the inter pages the same way my passport was. And I had my front cover printed on heavier paper so that it had the texture of an actually passport.

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I am so very happy with how it turned out!


Work In Progress: week fourteen

My Book is bound and glued! I am so happy with how it turned out. Okay, okay let me take it back a notch. So my book is a big passport. I studied the bindings of my actual passport and tried to replicate it as well as possible.

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So I bound the inside pages all together using ten holes and white hemp. I threaded it through the pages and then interlocked it in the front and the back.

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Once the inside pages were done i had to do the cover. The cover pages were printed on thicker paper so I had to hot glue gun it to the middle section once I had folded it.

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And now everything is done! I’m so glad. Everything is totally done and together.

Color and Food: a photography assignment

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I visited a latino market the other day with some friends and decided to bring the camera there and do my assignment for class. I started out playing with some selective focus, playing with different compositions. I think the color turned out very beautifully in these photographs.

I plan on continuing to take photographs throughout the summer.